Your property with us

You want to use your property with us?


Then send me your object with your full description. Our ads are seen from all over the world, so it can happen that your property here finds a prospective buyer / investor or a loaner.

- On request, English translation of your advertisement
- Possibly. Changes can be made by you at any time without additional costs
- Your sales object appears on various international websites
- worldwide availability - 24 hours, 7 days a week!
- on request, active sale of your property
- on request video editing on You Tube

You can get one-off advertising costs of 125, - €  /  maximum 75 €  to 31.12.2020

Here you can pay with Paypal (eMail: or on request you receive the bank connection. Please note, now enter the energy proof! From the 1.5. 2014 Mandatory field, otherwise there is a risk of fines!

Expenses according to IVD
"Not every job ends with a success, some real estate is difficult to sell, some salespeople have unrealistic pricing, occasionally the seller's intention is abandoned or the property is sold to prospective buyers who do not have the broker Without success, no commission. "

The intermediary has not only placed time, but frequently also a lot of money in the order. The production of exposés, the perception of inspection appointments, the placement of advertisements - all this causes considerable costs. If the success, the mediator receives not only no commission He will remain at his expense. An economically minded intermediary will ensure that he receives at least his costs in the case of an ultimately unsuccessfully unsuccessful order.

For this purpose there is a simple legal regulation:
The intermediary is completely compensated for the expenses incurred by him for the specific order. It is only necessary to specify in detail the amounts required by the intermediary. If, in this case, the brokerage contract ends without the object being sold, the broker can at least settle his expenses. "

I am only accepting offers from sellers and seekers who are serious about offering your property for sale and want to use our services. (See GTC) Furthermore, your objects should have all the necessary documentation.

If you want to advertise your object please send me an eMail: